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DiveSafe Mouthpiece Testimonial

Dear DiveSafe,

Hello, my name is Jim Gazica and I am from All Things Aquatic Dive Center. A couple of years ago we saw your mouthpieces at DEMA and got 50 of them to use on rentals as well as to sell. We love them. I am writing this particular letter to let you know of an incident that happened involving one of your mouthpieces. We were having a particularly busy time with lessons consisting of both pool sessions and Open Water Training Dives. There was period of time that my gear didn’t get dry for about 3 weeks. One day at the end of that period I went into my dive bag to get one of your mouthpieces that I had placed there about 3 weeks before. I needed it to put on my snorkel. I found the mouthpiece in the bag right next to, in fact, touching another mouthpiece. This other mouthpiece was a Rite Bite mouthpiece. When I pulled them out of the bag I was absolutely shocked. The Rite Bite was almost completely covered with dark mold/ the DiveSafe mouthpiece didn’t have single speck of mold on it. Now that is amazing. I have sent you pictures of the 2 mouthpieces to show you what I just wrote of. I use these 2 mouthpieces to make sales of your product quite often. Please feel free to use this letter and the pictures to show others how good a product you have. Thank you for such a fine product. I will be ordering many more of your mouthpieces very soon and in the years to come. Thanks again.

Jim Gazica

anti-microbial mouthpiece
DiveSafe Mouthpiece on the right

anti-microbial mouthpiece
DiveSave Mouthpiece on the left

anti-microbial mouthpiece
DiveSafe Mouthpiece on the left


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